Self Care Sunday #3

We need to constantly remind ourselves that we need to take care of ourselves. We are a priority and should never take ourselves for granted.

Here are my top 10 things that helps me reset and feel better.

1) Listening to music: This is even better when you can let loose and dance or sing a bit. Sing from the top of your lungs, dance like no one is watching you. Just be wild for a bit.

2) Reading a book: Just the small escape from reality helps. It stops you from thinking too much about current problems and it allows you to keep the imagination flowing.

3) Working out/walking: I’ve noticed ever since I’ve been exercising more it has made me more physically healthier and overall a little happier. Sweat it out, it gives you that sense of relief and you put all that built up negative energy into something that would overall benefit you. Even just a simple walk and surround yourself with nature.

4) Writing: In this case, blogging has made me happier. You can keep a journal and just write all your emotions out. Have a jar of all the things that made you feel accomplished throughout the year. Keep a gratitude journal. Maybe be a little more creative and write poetry or a novel.

5) Hugs: Just overall hug a friend, a family member, your spouse, a pet, a pillow. Anything. I know with COVID I’m sure we’ve all been a lot less affectionate, but we’re humans and affection is know to make people happier.

6) Cleaning/declutter: I’m actually surprised about this one. Lets face it.. who actually likes cleaning? I’m sure not many people do and its such a chore. But I don’t know about you.. but when things are organized and clean, I feel a huge sign of accomplishment and relief. Sometimes even just seeing things really disorganized is enough to make me feel stress.

7) Hobbies: For me its painting and diamond art. Sometimes I also like playing video games. We need to give us some sort of time to unwind.

8) Dates: Either it be a date with a significant other, a family member, a friend or even by yourself. Go do something you really want to do.

9) Skincare and physical health: I’m honestly terrible for not taking my supplements as often as I should; but when I do remember to take them… I feel great and energized. I also feel good about myself when I take the time to take care of my skin.. cleanse/moisturize/exfoliate/shave. Take care of your nails and give it a fresh coat of paint. Do a spa night. Eat good food. It’s all a part of making yourself feel good. Its okay to treat yourself to a greasy burger or slice of pizza… but don’t over do the bad comfort foods.. although it helps you feel mentally better (or so you think it is), it is doing more harm to your body than good.

10) Shows/movies: Honestly just sitting back and watching a movie or show you really want to is an amazing feeling too. Don’t depend the screens too often, but in moderation is good. Feel sad? Watch a comedy. Watch something that you know will make you feel happy.

Bonus: While doing 90% of the stuff above, I usually have some sort of drink in hand. Water, tea, hot chocolate, coffee or a glass of wine.


Self Care Sunday #2

Today was National Ice Cream Day! Although, I did not get to eat ice cream myself, I did take a few sips from my Fiancé’s chocolate chip cookie milkshake from McDonalds.. and it was honestly yummy.

I didn’t do a whole lot today in terms of self care.. but a little bit is better than nothing. On this list alone, I did my best at keeping myself hydrated and I went outside into nature (played some Pokemon GO to be exact 😅).

But while we’re on the topic of ice cream….

Here are my favourite flavours: Oreo (cookies & cream), matcha, pistachio, and heavenly hash!

For me personally… I cannot consume a lot of ice cream due to me being lactose intolerant. But I will give in from time to time if I have a big craving for it, OR if I just need some cheering up.

When you get ice cream, what is your to go to?


Self Care Sunday #1

Good Evening everyone. Today is Sunday and a very important thing to remember is… don’t forget to do something for yourself and that will make you happy.

I know I’m bad at it. Life tends to get too busy, work kind of just takes over my life and then before I know it I never did anything I personally wanted to do for myself in over a month, so it is very important to schedule in that “me time” where you can.

The most recent thing I made sure I did for myself was to go for an eye check up and ordered new glasses. My current glasses are now three years out dated and I’ve been getting frequent headaches, so it’s about time I decided to take care of myself. I also got new shoes, since my old ones keep giving me blisters… I needed a pair strictly just for walking/working out and another pair for every day (non-athletic purposes).

Here are some things you can do that will help promote self care:

1) Wash your hair, enjoy a nice bubble bath or an extended shower so you can focus on exfoliating your face/body or washing your hair.

2) Do a nose strip or wear a face mask. Honestly love doing face masks, I find them incredibly relaxing, and they are great for your skin.

3) If there is a particular book you’ve been wanting to read, then give yourself some time to read it. A specific game you want to play, a show you want to binge or a movie you have been meaning to watch. Just do it! Life can’t be all work and no play, you need to find time to reward yourself.

4) Aromatherapy. Is there a candle you really enjoy or if you prefer to use diffusers. Use them while you’re working or blogging. Or simply pick up a book or a magazine and read while enjoying the Aroma.

5) Exercise. Either you need to get up and stretch every 1-2 hours, go for a bike ride, play a sport you enjoy, go for a walk or run. Participate in a Bootcamp or Zumba class. Getting regular exercise in is proof to make you healthier both physically and mentally.

6) Is cooking or baking therapeutic to you? If so, go on Pinterest and find a new recipe you really want to try.

7) Find a hobby that makes you happy. There is so much you can do. Read, write, knit, sew, paint. Completely up to you and whatever makes YOU happy. The focus is you and the point is to unwind and relax.

8) Make yourself that cup of tea or coffee that you’ve been excited for OR go to a cafe you’ve been meaning to try out.

9) Do a diamond art, paint, do a jigsaw puzzle, some crafts, cross word or word search. Anything to help you enjoy some calm quality time with yours.

10) if there is something you’ve been meaning to do that you keep putting off.. just set some time time to that, call up that friend or family member. Sign up for that class you wanted to do to help with new skills or career calls.