Fashion ~ Dresses with Pockets

For this weeks blog about fashion, I’m going to talk about pockets. Specifically dresses with pockets. I have been saying for YEARS how I hate that a lot of Women’s clothing doesn’t have any pockets, or if there are pockets they are too small to fit anything useful. For a long time now, I have…More

Bridge to Terabithia ~ Movie Review

MOVIE REVIEW ~ BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA Release Date: February 15th 2007. Duration: 1hr 36mins. Genre: Fantasy Drama.Rated: PG. Bridge to Terabithia is a movie I have watched at the very least ten times. I unfortunately never had the chance to read the book, so I am unable to compare how similar or different they are…More

Welcome to my New Blog

Hello Everyone, Just wanted to check in on all of you that have been following me since 2013 (I believe that was when I originally created this account). I went through a lot of “This blog isn’t good enough and my life isn’t interesting enough”, and kept deleting all of my posts only to start…More