Tea Talk Tuesday #1

Welcome to my very first Tea Talk Tuesday!

Today I am having Strawberry flavoured Bubbly Tea, it is Sipology’s version of bubble tea. (Main difference is that actual bubble tea has tapioca and Sipology’s bubbly tea is basil seeds).

I personally don’t add any sweeteners to it, as Sipology’s tea is perfect to taste. I do however add Almond Milk to mine just to help make the cup look a little fuller, plus it brings extra flavour. You can also use any other plant based milk (coconut works if you want to try to mimic the “Pink Drink” from Starbucks.

I personally used to always be so big on David’s, but then with COVID the location that was closest to me ended up being permanently closed (so sad). Which then one day on Facebook there was an Autumn market and I some how came across my now Sipology consultant and have been addicted to their tea ever since. To be honest I am debating of becoming a Sipologist myself, making tea and mixing drinks makes me feel like I’m mixing potions LOL.

Is there a particular tea you’re looking forward to having tonight or a day this week?

Enough about the actual tea and on to the subject I actually wanted to talk about tonight, I have been working out for a few weeks now, been pretty committed, and the days I know I wont be doing a heavy workout, I try to go for a walk in the morning, so this way I know I will still be getting some sort of exercise in. It was a nice walk… honestly some times it takes a lot of strength for me to even decide to go for a walk alone, with how crazy things are in this world, COVID aside, Women have to worry about a lot of things, and growing up, I always used to get stopped by some guy on the street, and honestly hated it. WELL that kind of happened to me today. Some guy honked, smiled and did a kissy face… and honestly, it’s so disgusting.

I mean, I am lucky it was just that and nothing more, but I’ve been followed both when a guy was on foot or even when someone is in a car and with me walking. It’s not a good feeling and honestly makes me feel unsafe even when someone randomly decides to try to hit on me…. plus I have a Fiancé so, I don’t need anyone hitting on me that isn’t him anyway. If you’re a guy and you do this crap to Women, just do us a favour and don’t… we don’t like it. We mind our own business, we are in the moment and you just ruin it with shit like that. We don’t work out to get random peoples attention and to be hit on, we work out for ourselves, to better our life and our health.

As a Woman, have you ever experienced this when you’re alone and trying to enjoy some fresh air? As a guy, do you do this to Women or have you ever felt objectified by someone in public when you were trying to mind your own business doing your own thing? Feel free to share your stories in the comments. You’re not alone.