Black Widow ~ Movie Review

MOVIE REVIEW ~ BLACK WIDOW Release Date: July 9th 2021Duration: 2hrs and 13minsGenre: Sci-fi, Action, and AdventureRated: PG-13 *NOTE* this review will have some SPOILERS!!!!! This movie originally was supposed to release May 1st 2020 but was postponed not only once, but three times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I can personally say as much…More

Fashion ~ Shein Haul #1

For the longest while Shein was always advertised on my Facebook and Instagram feed. Although I browsed through the advertisements I never really trusted it. Until more of my friends purchased from them. It was maybe two months ago when I placed my first order. It had taken approximately 1-2 weeks for me to get…More

A Simple Favor ~ Movie Review

MOVIE REVIEW ~ A SIMPLE FAVOR Release Date: September 14th 2018Duration: 1hr and 57minsGenre: Crime/Thriller/MysteryRated: R It took me almost three years to watch this film, and when I finally decided to do it, I am glad I did. This movie is also based on a book that was only published a year prior (I…More

Fashion ~ Mermaid Style

Fashion over the years have been interesting and some sense of styles I have seriously questioned why it even existed or wondered how it even became a thing. I’ll get into those styles another day. Today, I want to talk about MERMAID style. Yes… 🧜🏻‍♀️ <——— Mermaids…. When I was a little girl I was…More

Shows That Netflix Cancelled Too Early

Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday. Every Thursday the topic will be about TV it could be about TV shows that are still airing, shows that have been cancelled or completed. Movies that are either recent or from way back when. Today specifically I want to discuss shows that were short lived on Netflix and that…More