Charmed Aroma Reveal #1

When I was a kid, I always loved getting Kinder Surprise Eggs, to me, it was the magic duo. Amazing chocolate plus a surprise toy inside.

Well, more or less, that is the way Charmed Aroma makes me feel. Kind of like a kid again, but more adult-like.

I’m personally OBSESSED with candles. Watching the flames flicker and taking in the different beautiful aroma’s. To me, it’s therapeutic plus a little gift on the side.. because I also love my jewellery.

Charmed Aroma I think would make an amazing gift for a girlfriend, fiance, wife, mother, sister, niece, friend and/or teachers. Almost anyone would appreciate it if they like both jewellery AND candles. Alternatively, just spoil yourself.. that’s what I do anyway.

For today’s reveal:

Inspired by the perfect summer day, sitting seaside looking out at turquoise waters and rolling waves.
Fragrance notes: A dazzling aquatic blend of sparkling bergamot, blue sage, and coastal amber.
Possible rings you can get. They are honestly all so very pretty.
What I ended up with 😍😍😍. Honestly got the one I was hoping for all along.

Cannot wait to see what I end up getting in my other candle reveals! 🥰