Shows That Netflix Cancelled Too Early

Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday.

Every Thursday the topic will be about TV it could be about TV shows that are still airing, shows that have been cancelled or completed. Movies that are either recent or from way back when.

Today specifically I want to discuss shows that were short lived on Netflix and that I felt were cancelled far too early.

Horror films/shows and I’m there, I’m kind of particular of what movies and shows I’d watch in the horror genre, some are just too stupid for me to even consider. But SCREAM… I was beyond excited when I heard a show was coming out. I was pretty much hooked since the first episode, was excited that a second season came out.. watched that. And then there were talks for the LONGEST time that there was going to be a third season to come out… and… it just didn’t happen. Pretty sure at one point I read that they were going to completely change the cast and just nothing came of it.

2) Scream Queens:

I was actually a little hesitant about watching this one. Parody horror shows/movies can either be really good or just flat out terrible. It took me a long time to even consider giving it a try. But when I did… I’m so glad I did. Yes, there was some stupid moments.. but not enough to keep me away. This show also lasted for only two seasons sadly. The very last episode of season two convinced me that there was going to be a third season.. but again. Netflix decided to cancel it.

3) Teenage Bounty Hunter:

My sister and I watch a lot of Netflix shows together and this happened to be on the list. At first I thought I wasn’t going to like it, got the Fiance to watch it with me… and each episode that went by, just seemed to be getting even better. Insert something completely out of the blue and dramatic to happen at the end of season one… oh.. you know… CANCELLED! Ugh.

4) Daybreak:

Ferris Buller’s Day Off featuring possibly the end of the world. At least that was definitely the vibe I got from this. It got me hooked from the first episode.. I mean.. who doesn’t enjoy a good apocalyptic show? Unfortunately only lasted for one season, had my hopes up for more.

5) Santa Clarita’s Diet:

First off… ZOMBIE SHOW! I love zombie themes! Secondly I would’ve never thought to see Drew Barrymore in something that wasn’t just classified as a chick flick. Honestly one of my favourite actress’. I was hooked on the show since the very beginning! This time Netflix decided to grace us with three seasons before deciding to cancel it. There was so much room for more growth with this show and was so sad to hear it got cancelled.

6) No Tomorrow:

I’m pretty sure I cried when I heard there wasn’t going to be a second season. I was absolutely devastated that this show was no more and literally there was going to be no tomorrow for this show. This show also made me realize the importance of adventures and creating bucket lists. You only do live one life and don’t know what’s going to happen.. so may as well try to enjoy it. I low key had some hope that this show will some how be picked up again but considering it has been four years ago since it got cancelled.. it seems very unlikely to happen.

7) The Society:

This show gave me so many chills… especially at the end of the season. Out of all the shows listed in this post.. this show in particular pulled my emotions in so many different directions. I’m convinced this show was supposed to get a second season.. and then out of the blue it ended up getting cancelled. I almost gave up watching new shows because everything I liked kept getting cancelled.

8) Merry Happy Whatever:

Loved this show. I found it really funny and honestly thought it would’ve been cool to have it come back every Christmas. But apparently this also got cancelled. I would’ve loved to see what they would’ve done for a second season.

Have you watched any of these shows listed in this post? Was there a particular one you felt more hard to believe it ended up getting cancelled? If you never watched any of these shows, what shows did YOU enjoy that ended up getting cancelled?


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