Wild Wednesday #3 featuring OLOA part 1!

Today I was determined to get my 10,000 steps in. So I went for a long walk with my mom. We ended up going to this small trail in Malton and it brought back so many memories.

Where this trail now stands, it used to be a school called Our Lady of the Airways. It was my very first school from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5. I most likely would’ve graduated from there if it wasn’t for the school shutting down.

The parking lot was fairly big, and there were two different entrances to get into the building from the front. One door was closer to the Kindergarten classes and the other door was the entrance near the office.

There was a hill on the side of the school with maybe three or four big tires. For someone so little, the hill of course seemed so big in comparison to an adult. Hop scotch painted on the pavement and another two doors on the side of the building, one to let you into the Kindergarten class and another into the gym.

When you go around to the back of the building there was a nice field with soccer nets. Other game like activities painted on the pavement, but that part of the memory seems pretty foggy. There was another door to get into the building, I remember there being steps to get to the back stage of the gym when you entered those doors.

A little further down the property there was a basketball court and more field with a park in the middle and a baseball diamond much further down the field. On the building itself closest to the park was another entrance into the building for the older grades.

When you walk down the rest of the pavement there are more doors, those are all from classrooms, there were actually a decent amount of classes that had a separate door. On that same side was a little path with a huge tire. If you keep walking down the pavement you will find yourself back to the front of the school.

I really wanted to share some photos of what the school used to be like, but unfortunately couldn’t find any… almost like the school never existed.

Stay tuned to next Wednesday to hear about my memories of Our Lady of the Airways.


Tea Talk Tuesday #3

Hello all and welcome to my Tea Talk Tuesday, today I am having Just Beet It iced tea, I originally purchased it from David’s Tea. It is honestly better than I expected, I did not add any sweetener to it, so it just has the natural flavours of the tea itself.

Ingredients are: apple, raisins, hibiscus blossoms, beetroot, elderberries, carrot, green mate, goji berries, aronia berries, blackberries, red currants, guarana seeds, raspberries, cornflower blossoms, natural and artificial wildberry flavouring.

A thought that has been on my mind most recently is how cool it would be for me to create my own tea blends. But with the amount of tea’s I currently have in my cupboard, I should probably finish those up before I consider getting myself even more, but I am definitely making note of tea’s I find myself enjoying more so I can play around with some of the ingredients.

For the longest time, I have had the desire to have my own business, where it could be a used book store/café. How fun it would be to create my own menu for the café and mix the love I have for baked goods, teas, lattes and books! However, where I am from there is way too much competition over here and books are slowly dying down, as a lot of people these days prefer to go electronic, and even then, there are not too many people I know personally that even enjoy reading books in general. On top of that, to choose between eventually needing money to start a family and own a house is more of a priority than owning my own business. Which everything feels so out of reach considering the housing market keeps going up.

Although, there are times I also imagine that eventually when we can own our own place, there might even be a slim chance that I can some how have best of both worlds and still have the business I want, but only time will tell.

I have also been eyeing those cute little free libraries that people put on their front lawns, and that is something I would eventually hope to do also, that alone can probably make the bookish part of me satisfied and happy. I have not yet seen one in person, but quite a few people I know have been posting about them on Instagram and I seriously want to try to locate one this Summer.

On another note, my candle obsession is growing, today I was burning Charmed Aroma’s Cookies & Cream scented candle and it smells AMAZING! In a separate blog post this week I will reveal the surprise piece of jewllery that comes inside. It has been another hobby I have considered for a few years now to try to create my own scented candles and line of skin care (lotions, scrubs and bath bombs mostly).

I have always have been the kind of person that has so many thoughts and ideas, but when it comes to putting it into action, it becomes so difficult because of the amount of stuff I want to do and accomplish.

Honestly feel like it is never ending between what I wish and want to accomplish verses stuff I have to do on a day-to-day life.

Which this post in general made me realize why I always feel so stuck and far from accomplished… because there is simply too much I want to do and I can’t just focus on one.

^ It truly is….


Motivational Monday #3

Words that are easier said than done.

In a world where there is so much hate.

A place where we’re all being judged and criticized for every little thing we do.

Having someone constantly breathing down our necks to tell us we’re doing things wrong and that we just don’t know how it is all done.

It starts making us feel like we’re just not good enough or makes us wonder if we’ll ever succeed in life.

That is when you need to stand tall, take a deep breath and let in those positive vibes, just to let out all that negative feeling.

Allow yourself to start with a fresh clear mind, this will help you see more clearly for a brighter future.


Self Care Sunday #2

Today was National Ice Cream Day! Although, I did not get to eat ice cream myself, I did take a few sips from my Fiancé’s chocolate chip cookie milkshake from McDonalds.. and it was honestly yummy.

I didn’t do a whole lot today in terms of self care.. but a little bit is better than nothing. On this list alone, I did my best at keeping myself hydrated and I went outside into nature (played some Pokemon GO to be exact 😅).

But while we’re on the topic of ice cream….

Here are my favourite flavours: Oreo (cookies & cream), matcha, pistachio, and heavenly hash!

For me personally… I cannot consume a lot of ice cream due to me being lactose intolerant. But I will give in from time to time if I have a big craving for it, OR if I just need some cheering up.

When you get ice cream, what is your to go to?


Fashion Friday #2 — Dresses with Pockets

For this weeks blog about fashion, I’m going to talk about pockets. Specifically dresses with pockets.

I have been saying for YEARS how I hate that a lot of Women’s clothing doesn’t have any pockets, or if there are pockets they are too small to fit anything useful. For a long time now, I have wished and hoped that pockets for Women will become a little more normalized and always thought it’d be cool if dresses had pockets.

Well… that time has come! I think it was last year I started getting incredibly happy about new things releasing with pockets, and not fake pockets nor were they pitty small pockets. They were pockets large enough to put my hefty key ring in (I have A LOT of keychains 😂) or even my cell phone, which these days a lot of them are also quite large.

The pictures below are items from a Canadian company called She’s Got Leggz. They primarily sell leggings, but the other non-legging related items are honestly pretty amazing too! In case anyone was wondering I’m a consultant for SGL, so you may see more Fashion Friday posts based on that specific company!

POCKETSSSS! this dress is no longer available.

I was also never much of a girly girl growing up. More so these days I’ve really gotten myself into floral, brighter colours and other girly type fashion items. But seeing dresses with pockets are acceptable for both dressing them up and down.

These dresses are still available. They are a little see through, so I’d say they make a good cover up for when you go to the beach or sit by the pool. I own this one in black.

If you want to dress the outfits up a bit, simply do your hair nicely, put on some makeup, maybe wear heels or pair it with some nice jewellery.

This one kind of reminded me of Animal Crossing a little. Not so much of the pattern, but just the fact its a t-shirt dress. I also own this one and they are still available.

If you want to dress them down a little, you can wear more casual attire. Example simple flats, maybe you can even get away with casual sneaker type shoes, grey.. something not too out there.

This dress is not available anymore and I also own this one. Although out of the three posted in here that I do own, this one is my favourite. And because it’s much shorter you can wear black leggings or capris under it!

Do you own any dresses with pockets? If not…. What are you waiting for? If so.. how do you style your outfit? Would love to hear your fashion thoughts in the comments.


TV Thursday #2 — Bridge to Terabithia Movie Review


Release Date: February 15th 2007.
Duration: 1hr 36mins.
Genre: Fantasy Drama.
Rated: PG.

Bridge to Terabithia is a movie I have watched at the very least ten times. I unfortunately never had the chance to read the book, so I am unable to compare how similar or different they are from one another (it is on my to read list), the last time I seen this film was a few months ago when I was looking for a film that gave me some sort of comfort, and I remember exactly why this film gives me that sense of comfort and happiness. I love the idea of having a place to escape to from reality, between being bullied and having that horrible feeling that you don’t belong due to not having many friends, a great escape is exactly what is needed when reality gets crappy. Which that is exactly what this film had, that realism of young children in school and what they go through emotionally and physically, and how they made themselves feel happier and more themselves.

The connection between Jess Aarons (Josh Hutcherson) and Leslie Burke (Anna Sophia Robb) I found were the perfect duo for this cute family film. At first Jess thought that Leslie was possibly a little crazy, she was seeing and hearing things that he just was not quite understanding. Eventually he got into the idea of the Fantasy world and they became best of friends, they met up nearly every day after school just to go to Terabithia. The one day Jess was unable to meet up with Leslie was the day he went on a trip with his teacher Ms. Edmunds (Zooey Deschanel). When Jess got home, he found out about a tragic incident that had happened to his best friend Leslie (This is as far as I will go with the depth of the movie as I don’t want to spoil the movie, in case anyone has interests in watching it).

I can say there is a particular part in this movie that I always end up crying my eyes out, and it never fails to get to me. I know just when it is about to happen, and the water works just automatically take control over me.

Although I do highly recommend this movie for an evening at home with the family, I do not recommend to little kids. Between the giants and some parts of the movie being a little on the dark side it can either scare them or they might not understand everything that is going on in the film. I would probably suggest 10-11+ for the age group.

Leslie Burke is my favourite character, and my favourite quote from her is “Just close your eyes, but keep your mind wide open”.

Although the story itself was amazing, I kind of wish that things were a bit different for the characters, maybe it would’ve left an open opportunity for a second film. Would’ve loved to see what Leslie and Jess would’ve been like a bit older.

My ratings: *****


Wild Wednesday #2

For me Wednesday is a bittersweet day depending on how you think of it. Could be a horrible day if you realize that it is only Wednesday when it could be Friday and the work week is over. But it is a sweet day because there is only two days left for the weekend to start. Truly depends on what your outlook on life is. Pretty similar to is the cup half full or half empty.

I think for me, I am getting better at being a little more optimistic with a touch of realism, where as before I used to be a pessimist.

There are three wild things I wanted to share today:

  1. I did a cardio interval workout during my lunch time today, and as much as the struggle was real, it felt great. It’s really hard to explain, but I love feeling exhausted from a workout because it’s the good kind of a exhausted? Not exhausted that I can just crash and sleep the rest of the day, but exhausted and yet I still have so much energy left to get through the remainder of the day.
  2. I have been meaning to bring up Hello Fresh, not sure exactly what countries you can get them in, but I just found out that they can be found in fifteen different countries. I’m in Canada and it can get delivered to all the provinces here (which is amazing). Before Hello Fresh, I noticed that whenever there was a recipe I wanted to try making I would either end up with too much produce and it would end up wasting because we can never finish it before it ended up rotting. OR whenever we did groceries there was always 1-2 items we forgot to purchase which means we did not get the full experience of what we were cooking. With Hello Fresh you pick however many recipes you want, if you order more than I believe 4 you pay extra. You have the choice between servings for 2-4 people. Everything is more or less packaged separately for you but in a paper bag labeled with what meal it is for, and it comes with a recipe card with step by step instructions. The only ingredients that don’t come with the package is salt, pepper, butter, oil and milk. If you have not tried it yet, I do highly recommend it. It makes me feel like a chef when I cook it, it has also taught me to enjoy certain food items I used to hate (example: onions, peppers and garlic just to name a few). Not to mention it honestly teaches you how to multitask and work on your time management when it comes to being in the kitchen. I will be posting the foods I make from Hello Fresh on a weekly basis, so that is something you might want to stay tuned for of you’re a foodie like me.
  3. I got the pleasure to watch my friend from College do her Stream on Twitch. She designs funky houses on Minecraft using downloadable mods. She’s super creative and fun to watch, on top of that it is a great way to be social as all her viewers are super friendly. You can find her on Twitch under the name Soojin10. She does not stream on the same day each week, but she tries to be active at least once a week. You can also follow her on Instagram or Twitter @soojinslife to see when she goes live.

Tell me something completely random about your Wednesday.


Charmed Aroma Reveal #1

When I was a kid, I always loved getting Kinder Surprise Eggs, to me, it was the magic duo. Amazing chocolate plus a surprise toy inside.

Well, more or less, that is the way Charmed Aroma makes me feel. Kind of like a kid again, but more adult-like.

I’m personally OBSESSED with candles. Watching the flames flicker and taking in the different beautiful aroma’s. To me, it’s therapeutic plus a little gift on the side.. because I also love my jewellery.

Charmed Aroma I think would make an amazing gift for a girlfriend, fiance, wife, mother, sister, niece, friend and/or teachers. Almost anyone would appreciate it if they like both jewellery AND candles. Alternatively, just spoil yourself.. that’s what I do anyway.

For today’s reveal:

Inspired by the perfect summer day, sitting seaside looking out at turquoise waters and rolling waves.
Fragrance notes: A dazzling aquatic blend of sparkling bergamot, blue sage, and coastal amber.
Possible rings you can get. They are honestly all so very pretty.
What I ended up with 😍😍😍. Honestly got the one I was hoping for all along.

Cannot wait to see what I end up getting in my other candle reveals! 🥰


Tea Talk Tuesday #2

Hello Everyone and happy Tuesday! Welcome to my Tea Talk.

Today I finished off my Apple on the Green tea, such a delicious tea. Description on the tea packaging “Warming, soothing and fruity with a hint of cinnamon. This dried apple tea has been layered with premium green tea and a hint of spice”.

I love my mugs.. this mug I got from the Toronto Zoo ❤️❤️❤️

For me, tea has become such a big part of my life, I have loved it for as long as I can remember and I have just grown an obsession for it. I had just recently organized my cupboard and pulled out all the tea’s that were either started or should be consumed first before I start any of my newer packages.

Tea’s that take a priority over all the others.
Other tea’s I have.
More tea I have.
Even more tea I have. I think I have a problem 😂

What do you look for in a tea? Are you the adventurous kind, or do you stick to your safe zone? For me, I honestly just like exploring new teas, at first I used to only like orange pekoe and regular green tea, and then eventually I got into the tea lattes, matcha, fruity and nutty flavours. I do really want to try steeping tea into alcohol, I think that will be my adventure for whenever I can get my hands on a bottle of wine. Maybe in the next few weeks.

I would think today has been pretty productive for me, I got to go for a walk, not as long as I wanted to, but it was a good start to my day, plus I got to do my second class for the Creative Writing course I am taking on Shaw Academy. My Guidance Councilor from the online learning had actually called me and told me about a promotion where I can pay for a 12 month subscription and can have unlimited access to the app without having to pay for the diploma’s, plus the subscription allows me to save so much money. It is probably both the most nervous and exciting thing to have happened, because I have been dying to pick up new skills, so definitely going to be taking advantage of this subscription, there are SOOOO MANY CLASSES I am interested in!!!!

ALSOOO today is National French Fry day! So in celebration of this amazing (not so healthy) food item, we purchased Buffalo Chicken Poutine from Harvey’s. I honestly love their Buffalo Chicken, it has a nice flavour to the point where you can enjoy it without crying from the spice. I asked for extra gravy. Terrible. I know… but so yummy.

Our delicious Buffalo Chicken Poutines 🤤

If I had to choose my favourite places to have French Fries from fast food joints, it would be McDonalds and then Burger King. I honestly love dipping my McDonalds fries in Oreo McFlurries. Where is your favourite place to get French Fries from? Do you eat them alone or do you have a favourite condiment to dip them with? Do you also turn them into a poutine or into something fancy?

P.S I’ve been listening to music most of the day, and when I first started writing this post, the below song came on, and I can honestly say it was one of my favourite songs. There is also the same song by Pentatonix and that version also sounds amazing . If you have never heard of it, you must listen to both versions.