Motivational Monday #2

Happy Monday Fellow Readers and Bloggers. Just wanted to share some Monday inspiration to hopefully set the tone for a hopefully successful week ahead.

Lets be honest… I. HATE. MONDAYs. Why? Because my weekend never feels long enough and it is the start to a very long work week. But.. what if that is just in our heads? I mean.. Monday is just another day of the week. So what if all the Monday haters such as myself, just need something to be happy about or something more than “just another day working”.

Well… what is what I did.

This motivational quote speaks volumes to me. Today I woke up a little earlier than I normally do, and I took my first Creative Writing class. And as much as I felt miserable working… after work I did Bootcamp even though I was exhausted. So despite how work makes me feel, I am driven to have a pretty good or at least decent week.

No more just talking for me, now I need to get cracking and start making steps in the right direction and make my thoughts and hopes a reality.


Self Care Sunday #1

Good Evening everyone. Today is Sunday and a very important thing to remember is… don’t forget to do something for yourself and that will make you happy.

I know I’m bad at it. Life tends to get too busy, work kind of just takes over my life and then before I know it I never did anything I personally wanted to do for myself in over a month, so it is very important to schedule in that “me time” where you can.

The most recent thing I made sure I did for myself was to go for an eye check up and ordered new glasses. My current glasses are now three years out dated and I’ve been getting frequent headaches, so it’s about time I decided to take care of myself. I also got new shoes, since my old ones keep giving me blisters… I needed a pair strictly just for walking/working out and another pair for every day (non-athletic purposes).

Here are some things you can do that will help promote self care:

1) Wash your hair, enjoy a nice bubble bath or an extended shower so you can focus on exfoliating your face/body or washing your hair.

2) Do a nose strip or wear a face mask. Honestly love doing face masks, I find them incredibly relaxing, and they are great for your skin.

3) If there is a particular book you’ve been wanting to read, then give yourself some time to read it. A specific game you want to play, a show you want to binge or a movie you have been meaning to watch. Just do it! Life can’t be all work and no play, you need to find time to reward yourself.

4) Aromatherapy. Is there a candle you really enjoy or if you prefer to use diffusers. Use them while you’re working or blogging. Or simply pick up a book or a magazine and read while enjoying the Aroma.

5) Exercise. Either you need to get up and stretch every 1-2 hours, go for a bike ride, play a sport you enjoy, go for a walk or run. Participate in a Bootcamp or Zumba class. Getting regular exercise in is proof to make you healthier both physically and mentally.

6) Is cooking or baking therapeutic to you? If so, go on Pinterest and find a new recipe you really want to try.

7) Find a hobby that makes you happy. There is so much you can do. Read, write, knit, sew, paint. Completely up to you and whatever makes YOU happy. The focus is you and the point is to unwind and relax.

8) Make yourself that cup of tea or coffee that you’ve been excited for OR go to a cafe you’ve been meaning to try out.

9) Do a diamond art, paint, do a jigsaw puzzle, some crafts, cross word or word search. Anything to help you enjoy some calm quality time with yours.

10) if there is something you’ve been meaning to do that you keep putting off.. just set some time time to that, call up that friend or family member. Sign up for that class you wanted to do to help with new skills or career calls.



Silly Saturday #1

There is this one meme I meme I saw that had made me laugh pretty hard and it just seemed perfect.

First off, I can hear Hagrid’s voice in my head lol.

I love both Disney Princesses and Harry Potter, which is why this is perfect. Plus it just suits Harry so well.

At first I was thinking to imagine Harry as a Disney Princess is a little weird… but, when I really think about it… Harry was kind of like a damsel in distress.

Like a lot of Disney characters, his parents had passed away.

His friends saved him from the Dursley’s.

He often got himself into trouble.

There was a villan that wanted him dead.

And that is just to name a few. Can you imagine Harry as a Disney Princess? Are there reasons that you can think of that I have not yet mentioned? Would love to hear your thoughts.


Fashion Friday #1 — Mermaid Style

Fashion over the years have been interesting and some sense of styles I have seriously questioned why it even existed or wondered how it even became a thing. I’ll get into those styles another day.

Today, I want to talk about MERMAID style.

Yes… 🧜🏻‍♀️ <——— Mermaids….

When I was a little girl I was absolutely in love with Mermaids. I found them so majestic and beautiful. I wanted to be one.. me being a Pisces and funny enough.. I can’t swim, so I always used to say I’m a fish out of water.

But as much as I myself wanted to be a Mermaid… I would’ve never thought I’d see a time that fashion itself, has a Mermaid style.

Pretty sure the first time I knew about the style was hearing about a Mermaid style wedding dress. It’s nicely fitted at the top and then kinda fans out at the bottom (sort of line fins). This particular style primarily looks good on average or thin built women. Some curvy women can also pull this style off easily…. but not overly thick women (like I don’t think I’d be able to pull a dress like the one below off.

I one day hope I can get a dress like this to look good on me. But, I also imagine walking in it very difficult.

These dresses honestly look so beautiful though 😍😍😍.

In the past few years I have noticed Mermaid pattern bas become very very very popular!

This is honestly really pretty. But, I cannot imagine going out in public like that.
I absolutely love the way this lipstick looks, but personally if it was outside of a convention or halloween, I don’t think I’d be able to be seen public with lips like that.
These nails are absolutely stunning and I feel if I were to get into any form of mermaid trend.. it would definitely be the nails!
These look pretty neat, maybe I’d wear this depending on the occasion and the rest of my outfit.
Honestly in awe with this dress.
And the skirt is absolutely stunning too. I actually own a pair of leggings similar to this and cannot bring myself to actually trying it on to see if it will suit me.
Animal Crossing and their mermaid themes is definitely getting me more hooked to the idea of mermaid fashion and style. My room isn’t quite like this yet but it’s definitely my goal!
The most popular of all….
Seems to be….
The hair! And all three of these are soooooo pretty! I would have to bleach the heck out of my hair if I ever wanted to do anything like this.

To be honest, I never knew this hair trend a lot of people were doing was considered as “Mermaid Hair” till I looked it up on Pinterest.

What are your thoughts on the mermaid style? Are you a part of this trend? Would you ever consider trying any of these? Would LOVE to hear your thoughts.


TV Thursday #1 — Shows That Netflix Cancelled Too Early

Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday.

Every Thursday the topic will be about TV it could be about TV shows that are still airing, shows that have been cancelled or completed. Movies that are either recent or from way back when.

Today specifically I want to discuss shows that were short lived on Netflix and that I felt were cancelled far too early.

Horror films/shows and I’m there, I’m kind of particular of what movies and shows I’d watch in the horror genre, some are just too stupid for me to even consider. But SCREAM… I was beyond excited when I heard a show was coming out. I was pretty much hooked since the first episode, was excited that a second season came out.. watched that. And then there were talks for the LONGEST time that there was going to be a third season to come out… and… it just didn’t happen. Pretty sure at one point I read that they were going to completely change the cast and just nothing came of it.

2) Scream Queens:

I was actually a little hesitant about watching this one. Parody horror shows/movies can either be really good or just flat out terrible. It took me a long time to even consider giving it a try. But when I did… I’m so glad I did. Yes, there was some stupid moments.. but not enough to keep me away. This show also lasted for only two seasons sadly. The very last episode of season two convinced me that there was going to be a third season.. but again. Netflix decided to cancel it.

3) Teenage Bounty Hunter:

My sister and I watch a lot of Netflix shows together and this happened to be on the list. At first I thought I wasn’t going to like it, got the Fiance to watch it with me… and each episode that went by, just seemed to be getting even better. Insert something completely out of the blue and dramatic to happen at the end of season one… oh.. you know… CANCELLED! Ugh.

4) Daybreak:

Ferris Buller’s Day Off featuring possibly the end of the world. At least that was definitely the vibe I got from this. It got me hooked from the first episode.. I mean.. who doesn’t enjoy a good apocalyptic show? Unfortunately only lasted for one season, had my hopes up for more.

5) Santa Clarita’s Diet:

First off… ZOMBIE SHOW! I love zombie themes! Secondly I would’ve never thought to see Drew Barrymore in something that wasn’t just classified as a chick flick. Honestly one of my favourite actress’. I was hooked on the show since the very beginning! This time Netflix decided to grace us with three seasons before deciding to cancel it. There was so much room for more growth with this show and was so sad to hear it got cancelled.

6) No Tomorrow:

I’m pretty sure I cried when I heard there wasn’t going to be a second season. I was absolutely devastated that this show was no more and literally there was going to be no tomorrow for this show. This show also made me realize the importance of adventures and creating bucket lists. You only do live one life and don’t know what’s going to happen.. so may as well try to enjoy it. I low key had some hope that this show will some how be picked up again but considering it has been four years ago since it got cancelled.. it seems very unlikely to happen.

7) The Society:

This show gave me so many chills… especially at the end of the season. Out of all the shows listed in this post.. this show in particular pulled my emotions in so many different directions. I’m convinced this show was supposed to get a second season.. and then out of the blue it ended up getting cancelled. I almost gave up watching new shows because everything I liked kept getting cancelled.

8) Merry Happy Whatever:

Loved this show. I found it really funny and honestly thought it would’ve been cool to have it come back every Christmas. But apparently this also got cancelled. I would’ve loved to see what they would’ve done for a second season.

Have you watched any of these shows listed in this post? Was there a particular one you felt more hard to believe it ended up getting cancelled? If you never watched any of these shows, what shows did YOU enjoy that ended up getting cancelled?


Wild Wednesday #1

Hello Everyone! Happy Wednesday, we’re almost at the end of the week, not sure about you, but I am always looking forward to Friday after 5pm because that means my work week is off of mind.

Today I wanted to share with you what I did last Saturday, my Fiancé and I did a date night and we got to try some new things.

The afternoon started with some snacks…or A LOT of snacks and a movie. We watched John Tucker Must Die, honestly one of my favourite movies.

What is your favourite movie snack? For me.. popcorn, peanut M&Ms and Twizzlers are a must have.

Later on that evening the actual date night got started. We ended up at Shake It & Co… honestly been wanting to go there since…. it was at least early this year when I discovered this place even existed, very fancy place for a small town.

Such a cute little space in the inside too! Honestly I have no idea what I expected the inside to look like. But it looks like a business I would love to one day own. But instead of milk shakes…tea!

It’s sooooo pink and cute! Wouldn’t you agree? Looks like something you would see downtown Toronto. Not in a small town like Malton.

Originally my safe zone for Milkshakes or even anything ice cream related would be anything oreo related. For the Fiance, he would normally pick Reeses.
What is your to go to when you go for shakes? If you had this place near you, what would you have wanted to try?
We obviously decided to go a little more adventurous instead of safe.
I picked Coffee O’clock…mmmm….NUTELLA! He picked Unbruleevable mmmmm cream brulee!
Both tasted amazing… would come back again another day to try some other flavours.
Highly recommend for a cute date night… or even for a girls day.

We ended up driving to Caledon to go to the Badlands, one of the places on my bucket list. Unfortunately we did not know how developed it got and it was only open to the public during certain hours of the day. BUT that just means it is an adventure for another day and if you want to see photos from there, that means you need to follow my Wild Wednesday posts.

Since the Badlands was a no go, I suggested going to a Food Truck Festival that was happening at Square One for the Night Market Toronto event. Literally only found out about this because one of my friends posted it on her Facebook Story, so glad I found out about it.

Night Market Toronto!
The Coffee Break truck had some pretty awesome options, unfortunately because it was so late at night by time we got there, there was a lot of stuff that ended up being sold out. I had my heart set on the Strawberry Sunset steeped iced tea, but that was one of the items that got sold out.
The sky is so pretty, couldn’t help but get a photo of it.
There was maybe 5-6 other food related food trucks, some had long lines, some just didn’t really grab our interest. This truck however, had lots of good options. One item I was eyeing in particular was the Lobster Poutine.
So I ended up with the Chai Steeped Iced Tea… which still tasted good. It was my first time having Chai tea iced.
Very expensive for the Lobster Poutine, but it was sooooooooo delicious!!!!

The day honestly turned out amazing and we really enjoyed ourselves. Cannot wait for our next adventure. Honestly between being so busy with work and everything being locked down due to COVID it has been long over due to do something outside of my typical routine.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday to see what next random thing I decide to share with you all!


Tea Talk Tuesday #1

Welcome to my very first Tea Talk Tuesday!

Today I am having Strawberry flavoured Bubbly Tea, it is Sipology’s version of bubble tea. (Main difference is that actual bubble tea has tapioca and Sipology’s bubbly tea is basil seeds).

I personally don’t add any sweeteners to it, as Sipology’s tea is perfect to taste. I do however add Almond Milk to mine just to help make the cup look a little fuller, plus it brings extra flavour. You can also use any other plant based milk (coconut works if you want to try to mimic the “Pink Drink” from Starbucks.

I personally used to always be so big on David’s, but then with COVID the location that was closest to me ended up being permanently closed (so sad). Which then one day on Facebook there was an Autumn market and I some how came across my now Sipology consultant and have been addicted to their tea ever since. To be honest I am debating of becoming a Sipologist myself, making tea and mixing drinks makes me feel like I’m mixing potions LOL.

Is there a particular tea you’re looking forward to having tonight or a day this week?

Enough about the actual tea and on to the subject I actually wanted to talk about tonight, I have been working out for a few weeks now, been pretty committed, and the days I know I wont be doing a heavy workout, I try to go for a walk in the morning, so this way I know I will still be getting some sort of exercise in. It was a nice walk… honestly some times it takes a lot of strength for me to even decide to go for a walk alone, with how crazy things are in this world, COVID aside, Women have to worry about a lot of things, and growing up, I always used to get stopped by some guy on the street, and honestly hated it. WELL that kind of happened to me today. Some guy honked, smiled and did a kissy face… and honestly, it’s so disgusting.

I mean, I am lucky it was just that and nothing more, but I’ve been followed both when a guy was on foot or even when someone is in a car and with me walking. It’s not a good feeling and honestly makes me feel unsafe even when someone randomly decides to try to hit on me…. plus I have a Fiancé so, I don’t need anyone hitting on me that isn’t him anyway. If you’re a guy and you do this crap to Women, just do us a favour and don’t… we don’t like it. We mind our own business, we are in the moment and you just ruin it with shit like that. We don’t work out to get random peoples attention and to be hit on, we work out for ourselves, to better our life and our health.

As a Woman, have you ever experienced this when you’re alone and trying to enjoy some fresh air? As a guy, do you do this to Women or have you ever felt objectified by someone in public when you were trying to mind your own business doing your own thing? Feel free to share your stories in the comments. You’re not alone.


Motivational Monday #1

I hope everyone had a good Monday today. I just wanted to share one of my favourite motivational quotes with you.

A very important thing to remember. We’re all human and tend to make mistakes from time to time, but we don’t need to let that define us.

We should be learning from our mistakes and the negative situations we come across. We should use these aspects of life to become a better person and to evolve from them.


Just as Long as We’re Together (Book Review)

Synopsis: Rachel is Stephanie’s best friend. Since second grade, they’ve shared secrets, good and bad. Now in seventh grade, Alison moves into the neighborhood. Stephanie hopes all three of them can be best friends, because Stephanie really likes Alison. But it looks as if it’s going to be a case of two’s company and three’s a crowd. Can the girls’ friendship be saved?

I have had this book kicking around in a box and book shelf for such a long time, happens to be one of the books I took from my mom or my sister and have never read it till a week or two ago. This was also the first book I picked up and read in less than a month…as I’ve been experiencing a reading slump for the past few years now.

This is I believe my second Judy Blume book, and I can honestly say she is probably one of my favourite writers, I do need to get my hands on some of her other books. The writing style and just how smooth the story goes makes it such an easy read. I do wish I read this book when I was younger, as that probably would’ve prepared me for friend drama.

This book has pretty much everything… puberty and experiencing body changes, learning if it is possible to have more than one best friend, family drama/issues, weight gain from poor choices when being stressed and crushes.

Rachel is a brilliant girl, she moved up to an older class for Math because of how Smart she is. Alison is worried about her parents not loving her anymore when she finds out her mom is pregnant with a baby of her own. And Stephanie deals with family issues when she discovers that her Father’s job away from home is not only about his job.

The ending of the book made me feel like it came up out of the blue, there was lots of space to at least tell us more about how their friendship ended up after they forgave each other. But nevertheless I’m glad Rachel and Stephanie fixed their friendship. There is definitely space for an opportunity to create another book in the future with the same characters.

The cover is perfect to the story, helps to sum up the characters personality and how much fun they did have whenever they were together. It also gives that vintage feeling in comparison to a lot of new covers these days. This book will definitely be a book I set aside for my future child.

Overall book review: *****

☀️Summer Reading List!📚

Was super excited that I finally got myself back into reading after an over a year reading slump… honestly felt overly ambitious for even thinking I can read this many books before end of Summer….
But then I went to Chapters for the first time in over a year.. and decided to add even more books to my reading list 😂.

1) Just as Long as We’re Together — Judy Blume ✅

2) Mixed Up Summer — Bianca Bradbury

3) On Folly Beach — Karen White

4) The Book of Summer — Michelle Gable

5) The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (Books 1-3) — Ann Brashares ✅

6) Sisters like Us — Susan Mallery

7) Love Your Life — Sophie Kinsella

8) The Eating Instinct — Virginia Sole-Smith

9) Summer at the Garden Cafe — Felicity Hayes-McCoy

10) Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop — Rebecca Raisin ✅

Would love to hear from my fellow Book Worms to see what is currently sitting on your Summer Reading list. Tell me which books in the comments!