Wild Wednesday #4 featuring OLOA part 2!

Our lady of Our Airways School was a really small school, especially considering that Malton is already a small town in itself and had lots of other Catholic schools in the area.

I have had many lovely memories from that school, a lot of it is also pretty foggy since it was from my younger years, so they wont necessarily be in the correct order.

  1. The Kindergarten class was huge and there was so much fun things there. A water/sand station, a paint corner, an area to play with dolls and other toys. I’m sure a lot of other Kindergarten classes were either the same or similar, but mine felt special.
  2. This school is where I met my current best friend. Amazing how we’ve been friends since Senior Kindergarten.
  3. My French teacher always had his guitar in hand, and when he wasn’t playing music for us we would be watching Telefrancais! There was also a puppet the teacher always had, it was bald and had a red shirt. To be honest probably the only time I ever liked learning French, lol.
  4. This could be one of my foggy memories, but our library was huge and we always got to watch a movie/show in there as a class.
  5. I remember for music class we got to learn how to play the keyboard and the recorder. Fun times… especially hot cross buns. Who doesn’t know that song? I sucked at Mary had a little lamb. I’m pretty sure it was also music class that we got to try some line dancing.
  6. For one of my classes I learned how to make a kite which was really fun and another class we learned how to make ice sculptures.
  7. We had a snack shack and it always had chips, fruit-tella, frozen pyramid like shaped treat (cannot remember the brand we had) and freezies.
  8. Jump-rope for heart was one of my favourite events at the school. One time I won a snow white hard cover book and not only did it have the story, but it had some of the art work and how the book and movie was created (I’m convinced I still have this book somewhere). I also won a stuffed green dog, which I still have kicking around somewhere.
  9. Play Day was always amazing and well planned out.
  10. The field at the school sometimes would freeze over in the winter and we would all just slide and skate around it.
  11. My grade 3 teacher always allowed us to have extra gym time whenever the class was well behaved.
  12. There was a rope tire swing in the playground and kids would take turns going “around the world”, honestly the most sickest I ever felt spinning around on anything, I remember getting off and couldn’t walk straight, hit the ground and puked. Not fun. But nevertheless a memory. Till this day, I still get motion sickness when I go on rides that involves too much spinning.
  13. Our lunch supervising guardian (not sure what to name her title) but she always had candies when she was watching us all during her duty in the park during lunch and recesses. And especially closer to holidays like valentines day it was always themed candy.
  14. We had a pretty wicked haunted house (now that I actually think about it now), but back then after attempting to walk through it I became too much of a chicken shit and ended up just sitting in the corner colouring (there was a colouring corner where you can colour Halloween themed pictures if you didn’t want to go into the haunted house section).

I would’ve loved to graduate grade 8 there, but sadly because the school was too small they had closed Our Lady of the Airways plus a few other schools in Malton because there was just not enough students going there. So I started grade 6 in a different school. I guess if it wasn’t for me going to another school, I wouldn’t have the experiences I’ve had there also, I have had some pretty amazing teachers at the new school and some what made friends too.

Eventually OLOA turned into a private school (possibly?). I just remember walking through the property one day to see what has become of the school and I remember a bunch of kids in uniforms.

Stay tuned for next weeks Wild Wednesday to hear what the school looked like before it got torn down.


Wild Wednesday #3 featuring OLOA part 1!

Today I was determined to get my 10,000 steps in. So I went for a long walk with my mom. We ended up going to this small trail in Malton and it brought back so many memories.

Where this trail now stands, it used to be a school called Our Lady of the Airways. It was my very first school from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5. I most likely would’ve graduated from there if it wasn’t for the school shutting down.

The parking lot was fairly big, and there were two different entrances to get into the building from the front. One door was closer to the Kindergarten classes and the other door was the entrance near the office.

There was a hill on the side of the school with maybe three or four big tires. For someone so little, the hill of course seemed so big in comparison to an adult. Hop scotch painted on the pavement and another two doors on the side of the building, one to let you into the Kindergarten class and another into the gym.

When you go around to the back of the building there was a nice field with soccer nets. Other game like activities painted on the pavement, but that part of the memory seems pretty foggy. There was another door to get into the building, I remember there being steps to get to the back stage of the gym when you entered those doors.

A little further down the property there was a basketball court and more field with a park in the middle and a baseball diamond much further down the field. On the building itself closest to the park was another entrance into the building for the older grades.

When you walk down the rest of the pavement there are more doors, those are all from classrooms, there were actually a decent amount of classes that had a separate door. On that same side was a little path with a huge tire. If you keep walking down the pavement you will find yourself back to the front of the school.

I really wanted to share some photos of what the school used to be like, but unfortunately couldn’t find any… almost like the school never existed.

Stay tuned to next Wednesday to hear about my memories of Our Lady of the Airways.


Wild Wednesday #2

For me Wednesday is a bittersweet day depending on how you think of it. Could be a horrible day if you realize that it is only Wednesday when it could be Friday and the work week is over. But it is a sweet day because there is only two days left for the weekend to start. Truly depends on what your outlook on life is. Pretty similar to is the cup half full or half empty.

I think for me, I am getting better at being a little more optimistic with a touch of realism, where as before I used to be a pessimist.

There are three wild things I wanted to share today:

  1. I did a cardio interval workout during my lunch time today, and as much as the struggle was real, it felt great. It’s really hard to explain, but I love feeling exhausted from a workout because it’s the good kind of a exhausted? Not exhausted that I can just crash and sleep the rest of the day, but exhausted and yet I still have so much energy left to get through the remainder of the day.
  2. I have been meaning to bring up Hello Fresh, not sure exactly what countries you can get them in, but I just found out that they can be found in fifteen different countries. I’m in Canada and it can get delivered to all the provinces here (which is amazing). Before Hello Fresh, I noticed that whenever there was a recipe I wanted to try making I would either end up with too much produce and it would end up wasting because we can never finish it before it ended up rotting. OR whenever we did groceries there was always 1-2 items we forgot to purchase which means we did not get the full experience of what we were cooking. With Hello Fresh you pick however many recipes you want, if you order more than I believe 4 you pay extra. You have the choice between servings for 2-4 people. Everything is more or less packaged separately for you but in a paper bag labeled with what meal it is for, and it comes with a recipe card with step by step instructions. The only ingredients that don’t come with the package is salt, pepper, butter, oil and milk. If you have not tried it yet, I do highly recommend it. It makes me feel like a chef when I cook it, it has also taught me to enjoy certain food items I used to hate (example: onions, peppers and garlic just to name a few). Not to mention it honestly teaches you how to multitask and work on your time management when it comes to being in the kitchen. I will be posting the foods I make from Hello Fresh on a weekly basis, so that is something you might want to stay tuned for of you’re a foodie like me.
  3. I got the pleasure to watch my friend from College do her Stream on Twitch. She designs funky houses on Minecraft using downloadable mods. She’s super creative and fun to watch, on top of that it is a great way to be social as all her viewers are super friendly. You can find her on Twitch under the name Soojin10. She does not stream on the same day each week, but she tries to be active at least once a week. You can also follow her on Instagram or Twitter @soojinslife to see when she goes live.

Tell me something completely random about your Wednesday.


Wild Wednesday #1

Hello Everyone! Happy Wednesday, we’re almost at the end of the week, not sure about you, but I am always looking forward to Friday after 5pm because that means my work week is off of mind.

Today I wanted to share with you what I did last Saturday, my Fiancé and I did a date night and we got to try some new things.

The afternoon started with some snacks…or A LOT of snacks and a movie. We watched John Tucker Must Die, honestly one of my favourite movies.

What is your favourite movie snack? For me.. popcorn, peanut M&Ms and Twizzlers are a must have.

Later on that evening the actual date night got started. We ended up at Shake It & Co… honestly been wanting to go there since…. it was at least early this year when I discovered this place even existed, very fancy place for a small town.

Such a cute little space in the inside too! Honestly I have no idea what I expected the inside to look like. But it looks like a business I would love to one day own. But instead of milk shakes…tea!

It’s sooooo pink and cute! Wouldn’t you agree? Looks like something you would see downtown Toronto. Not in a small town like Malton.

Originally my safe zone for Milkshakes or even anything ice cream related would be anything oreo related. For the Fiance, he would normally pick Reeses.
What is your to go to when you go for shakes? If you had this place near you, what would you have wanted to try?
We obviously decided to go a little more adventurous instead of safe.
I picked Coffee O’clock…mmmm….NUTELLA! He picked Unbruleevable mmmmm cream brulee!
Both tasted amazing… would come back again another day to try some other flavours.
Highly recommend for a cute date night… or even for a girls day.

We ended up driving to Caledon to go to the Badlands, one of the places on my bucket list. Unfortunately we did not know how developed it got and it was only open to the public during certain hours of the day. BUT that just means it is an adventure for another day and if you want to see photos from there, that means you need to follow my Wild Wednesday posts.

Since the Badlands was a no go, I suggested going to a Food Truck Festival that was happening at Square One for the Night Market Toronto event. Literally only found out about this because one of my friends posted it on her Facebook Story, so glad I found out about it.

Night Market Toronto!
The Coffee Break truck had some pretty awesome options, unfortunately because it was so late at night by time we got there, there was a lot of stuff that ended up being sold out. I had my heart set on the Strawberry Sunset steeped iced tea, but that was one of the items that got sold out.
The sky is so pretty, couldn’t help but get a photo of it.
There was maybe 5-6 other food related food trucks, some had long lines, some just didn’t really grab our interest. This truck however, had lots of good options. One item I was eyeing in particular was the Lobster Poutine.
So I ended up with the Chai Steeped Iced Tea… which still tasted good. It was my first time having Chai tea iced.
Very expensive for the Lobster Poutine, but it was sooooooooo delicious!!!!

The day honestly turned out amazing and we really enjoyed ourselves. Cannot wait for our next adventure. Honestly between being so busy with work and everything being locked down due to COVID it has been long over due to do something outside of my typical routine.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday to see what next random thing I decide to share with you all!