3 Months into Motherhood

It is wild to think that my baby girl is now 3 months old, time has flown by so quickly and I can already see such major changes about her. I do sometimes miss being pregnant, mostly just feeling the movements inside of me, knowing I was carrying and protecting her.

During the first month of Motherhood, it was a little difficult, mostly because we were dealing with family stuff and I was mostly alone with her for the first little while. At that point I was also trying to get into the swing of things and trying to figure out which each cry meant. Not to mention I was also super paranoid to the point I had to go to her crib often and check to make sure if she was breathing. I also had her in bed with me more often during the first little while. She has always been so great around other people and only cried when she needed to eat, a diaper change or if her tummy was upset. She also slept A LOT, but that is common for babies.

Two months in she started talking a lot more, showing interest in colours and shapes along with her surroundings. Her feedings have increased in ounces, she has now been consuming 5oz every 3-4 hours. Sleeps well at night, typically goes 4-7 hours for sleeping and only cries or makes noises when her soother falls out of her mouth. Her neck has become so strong already, that I feel like she should be able to fully support herself before she reaches 4 months old. She loves being talked to, read to and she also loves going for walks and drives.

When we go for walks or do any outings together, she is so well behaved, but since she has shown more of an interest with her surroundings, she has been forcing herself to stay awake while we are out or around other people, to the point where she does end up crying very heavy when she gets incredibly tired. Currently, I do think that is the most hardest part is to get her to nap and unwind before she overly exhausts herself.

We are pretty sure we even heard her do a little giggle today, which felt so amazing to hear.

Here are my favourite photos of her as a new born – 1st month:

Going home from the Hospital.
Gah, she’s just so tiny & precious. I miss her being this tiny.
First bath.
Baby snuggles are the best snuggles.
Always love the way she looks up at me.
Mom’s First Mother’s Day! ❤️
Chillin’ while Mom attempts to shower
Ouuu, what’s this?!
Already trying to be a big girl, holding up her own bottle.
Super baby girl!
First Month!

Here are my favourite photos of her during her 1st – 2nd month:

So tiny in such a big crib.
Snuggles with Mama.
What you lookin’ at, Mom? 😂 Such a Diva in this photo 💜.
Big yawn.
Sleeping Beauty
Loves car rides!
One cool babe! 😍
First time at the Library
First time holding a rattle
Hugging security blanket for the first time.
So comfy!
This is how I love sleeping on Mommy.
I get my best sleep beside my parents.
Sleeping with toys.
Participated in Family Reading time for the first time. Also first time seeing bubbles!
Two Months!!

Here are my favourite photos of her during her 2nd – 3rd month:

Mom, no more photos..!
Dad’s First Father’s Day!
Okay, fine Mom.. lets take a Selfie.
Twinning with Mommy!
Okay Minnie.. what news do you have for me?
This is how I like sleeping on my Dad.
New toy!
First time at a hotel.
Dressed up as Sailor Moon for my first Comic Con
There.. you can finally photograph a smile.
Playing with my chain.
Yay me… Mommy had to change me in the sink. This is what happens when not all public bathrooms have change tables.
Selfie w/ Mommy on Canada Day! 🇨🇦
Selfie w/ Daddy! 💜
Big smiles!
First time at a splash pad.
Comfy sweater!
Sparkly dress!
Mom caught me trying to roll by myself.
Get off my ride!
Idk about you Dad. But I’m super comfortable
Three Months Old!!

I cannot wait to see what milestones she will reach during the next few months.

Welcome to my New Blog

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to check in on all of you that have been following me since 2013 (I believe that was when I originally created this account). I went through a lot of “This blog isn’t good enough and my life isn’t interesting enough”, and kept deleting all of my posts only to start new again in 2019… and then did it ALL OVER AGAIN.

Well, now I’m back, and hoping for good this time.

I’m incredibly excited for the future of this blog, I had just signed up for an annual subscription which means I have my own domain! YAYYYYYY! I have also finally figured out the magic of creating menus, which brings even more opportunities for this blog, because God knows I cannot just come up with one topic for my blog, so I feel as if I will be a lot more organized with this.

Lets start by getting to know each other again (or if you’re new to following/subscribing to my blog, would love to get to know you too). In the comments just let me know what your favourite thing to read in blogs are. And if you have a blog of your own and write somewhat frequent, what are your favourite things to write about?

If you have not yet seen the home page, do check it out to see what my focus will be on, is there something in particular you are most excited to see from my blog?

I hope you all enjoy your Friday and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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