Motivational Monday #5

Hello WordPress Fam! Sorry for disappearing the last two weeks, work got hectic and then I just barely had time to do much of anything. Also had my vacation last week which I had full intentions of catching up because a week of not blogging.. but then… dealing with something completely new right now and can’t quite say anything, but it changes A LOT of things.

Which brings me to todays motivational post:

Truth right there. If you sit around expecting things to change, they wont change. YOU need to be the change you want. And it is better not to wait for the last minute possible, because life is far too short or things can unexpectedly change any second and then your goals and everything else would be from you not getting anything accomplished to moving up all your timelines.


Motivational Monday #4

I don’t know who else needs to read this quote…

But I know it’s definitely something I need to work on.

Usually I’m a night owl, I can probably stay up till 2:30-3am catching up on things. But then I NEVER get enough sleep, and it just becomes one big vicious cycle.

I’ve been trying to motivate myself to go to sleep earlier, and wake up earlier.. this way I can be more productive and feel more energized in the morning. It’s a big work in progress and there is way too much room for improvements. But, I will get there, and I know you will too.


Motivational Monday #3

Words that are easier said than done.

In a world where there is so much hate.

A place where we’re all being judged and criticized for every little thing we do.

Having someone constantly breathing down our necks to tell us we’re doing things wrong and that we just don’t know how it is all done.

It starts making us feel like we’re just not good enough or makes us wonder if we’ll ever succeed in life.

That is when you need to stand tall, take a deep breath and let in those positive vibes, just to let out all that negative feeling.

Allow yourself to start with a fresh clear mind, this will help you see more clearly for a brighter future.


Motivational Monday #2

Happy Monday Fellow Readers and Bloggers. Just wanted to share some Monday inspiration to hopefully set the tone for a hopefully successful week ahead.

Lets be honest… I. HATE. MONDAYs. Why? Because my weekend never feels long enough and it is the start to a very long work week. But.. what if that is just in our heads? I mean.. Monday is just another day of the week. So what if all the Monday haters such as myself, just need something to be happy about or something more than “just another day working”.

Well… what is what I did.

This motivational quote speaks volumes to me. Today I woke up a little earlier than I normally do, and I took my first Creative Writing class. And as much as I felt miserable working… after work I did Bootcamp even though I was exhausted. So despite how work makes me feel, I am driven to have a pretty good or at least decent week.

No more just talking for me, now I need to get cracking and start making steps in the right direction and make my thoughts and hopes a reality.


Motivational Monday #1

I hope everyone had a good Monday today. I just wanted to share one of my favourite motivational quotes with you.

A very important thing to remember. We’re all human and tend to make mistakes from time to time, but we don’t need to let that define us.

We should be learning from our mistakes and the negative situations we come across. We should use these aspects of life to become a better person and to evolve from them.