Bath & Body Works Scents

I am completely obsessed with shopping at Bath & Body works.. either it be their shower gels, wallflower refills, sanitizers, hand soap, lotions and candles. I absolutely love them all. Here is a post dedicated to my all time favourite scents from Bath & Body works. This post will be frequently updated as I try new products. Feel free to also comment about your favourites.

Spring/Summer Scents:

* Watermelon Lemonade (hand soap)

* Peach Prosecco Macaron (hand soap)

* Pistachio Cream Puff (hand soap)

Fall/Winter Scents:

* Noel (shower gel & hand soap)

* Champagne Toast (body cream & sanitizer)

* Moonlight Path (body lotion & body mist)


My Favourite Scentsy Scents

Here is a post of all my favourite scents from Scentsy! I am completely obsessed with their products and will constantly update this list as I go through the products I own. Feel free to comment what your favourite scents are.

Spring/Summer scents:

* Strawberry Champagne Truffle (wax bar)

* Watermelon Tangerine (wax bar)

* Coconut Lemongrass (Scentsy Pod)

* Coconut Daiquiri (Hand soap)

* Red Pear and Pomegranate (Dish soap)

Fall/Winter scents:

Disney Collections:

* Disney Princess True Love Awaits (Scentsy Pod)


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