Motivational Monday #5

Hello WordPress Fam! Sorry for disappearing the last two weeks, work got hectic and then I just barely had time to do much of anything. Also had my vacation last week which I had full intentions of catching up because a week of not blogging.. but then… dealing with something completely new right now and can’t quite say anything, but it changes A LOT of things.

Which brings me to todays motivational post:

Truth right there. If you sit around expecting things to change, they wont change. YOU need to be the change you want. And it is better not to wait for the last minute possible, because life is far too short or things can unexpectedly change any second and then your goals and everything else would be from you not getting anything accomplished to moving up all your timelines.


Fashion Friday #4 Black Leggings SUMMER edition!

We have come a long way when it comes to leggings. Especially in 2020-2021 leggings came back in style, when a lot of people have become more dependent on comfort clothes.

Not sure about you, but, for me… I swear I depended on my leggings. From going to the office to going out and even chilling at home. I went from not owning any, to owning probably over thirty pairs.

I have lots of different patterns, solid colours and even different lengths (She’s Got Leggz.. which I am a consultant for has legging, capris and shorts length.

My ultimate favourite colour is our Black Onyx. The ones in this picture is not from She’z Got Leggz, they are actually just random photos from Google images, but wanted to show you how versatile black leggings really are.

Would love to do this! But yet to find boots that’ll fit me.
I do something pretty similar to this. It’s great for the cold Summer nights.
I need shoes similar to this, and then I’ll be ready to rock this style.
I dress this way quite often.
I have actually done this before, I even own a tee dress similar to this.
This one here is my least favourite. Honestly not a fan of that vest.

How do you wear your leggings? What is your usual to go to style? Which style is your goal to try? Comment below with answers.


TV Thursday #4 — Black Widow Movie Review


Release Date: July 9th 2021
Duration: 2hrs and 13mins
Genre: Sci-fi, Action, and Adventure
Rated: PG-13

*NOTE* this review will have some SPOILERS!!!!!

This movie originally was supposed to release May 1st 2020 but was postponed not only once, but three times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I can personally say as much as I hated the fact it got postponed so many times, it was definitely worth the wait.

“Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) also known as Black Widow confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises. Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing to bring her down, Natasha must deal with history as a spy and the broken relationships left in her wake long before she became an Avenger.” — Disney Plus

For anyone that watched Avengers Endgame, I’m sure we all know that Black Widow ended up dying *insert cry emoji* and that this Black Widow film will most likely be the last time we ever see Natasha Romanoff. In my opinion, she should’ve had at least two solo films and they should’ve been before Endgame ever happened. I suppose this is better than nothing though, and better late than never. With how this movie was placed although it was about the past, I felt like it was more of Yelena Belova’s (Florence Pugh) introduction.

The dynamic duo between Natasha and Yelena was AMAZING! Honestly having both of these amazing actresses in this film made me fall inlove with the movie and I was not a single moment where I felt bored of the movie. Not to mention that I honestly lost track of how many times Yelena made me laugh and I felt like out of all the characters in the film, she had the most character development.

My other two favourite characters was Alexie (David Harbour) although I found him a little dull at times, he did have a lot of funny lines and overall good character. I also felt that the Taskmaster was pretty bad ass, especially with the constant growth and ability to learn other peoples moves before they can do the moves themselves.

When the end credit scene came on, I had a strong feeling of what was going to happen… and it did. I did cry… I felt like it was a little too soon for it to pop up on the screen again, although it has been over two years ago since Avengers Endgame, it still hit home for me, since Black Widow was one of my favourite characters in the Avengers.

I am however really excited to see what Marvel has in store for Yelena, and I hope they keep her personality and wont alter it too much in any future shows/films.

Here are some of my favourite quotes:

Natasha: You can’t just steal a guy’s car.
Yelena: So you want me to chase him down and unsteal it?

Yelena: Well, I doubt the God from space has to take an ibuprofen after a fight.

Natasha: Put your seat belts on.
Yelena: You’re such a mom.

Natasha: You okay?
Yelena: Yeah. Great plan. I love the part where I almost bled to death.

Yelena: You’re a total poser.
Natasha: I’m not a poser.
Oh, come on. I mean, they’re great poses, but it does look like you think everyone’s looking at you,
like all the time.

Yelena: [Referring to the avalanche] This would be a cool way to die.

Alexei: Okay. Why the aggression, huh? Is it your time of the month?
Yelena: I don’t get my period, dipshit. I don’t have a uterus.
Natasha: Or ovaries.
Yelena: Yeah. That’s what happens when the Red Room gives you an involuntary hysterectomy. They kind of just go in, and they rip out all of your reproductive organs. They just get right in there, and they chop them all away. Everything out, so you can’t have babies.
Alexei: Okay, okay. Okay! Okay! You don’t have to get so clinical and nasty.
Yelena: Oh, well, I was about to talk about
fallopian tubes, but, okay.

My rating: *****


Wild Wednesday #4 featuring OLOA part 2!

Our lady of Our Airways School was a really small school, especially considering that Malton is already a small town in itself and had lots of other Catholic schools in the area.

I have had many lovely memories from that school, a lot of it is also pretty foggy since it was from my younger years, so they wont necessarily be in the correct order.

  1. The Kindergarten class was huge and there was so much fun things there. A water/sand station, a paint corner, an area to play with dolls and other toys. I’m sure a lot of other Kindergarten classes were either the same or similar, but mine felt special.
  2. This school is where I met my current best friend. Amazing how we’ve been friends since Senior Kindergarten.
  3. My French teacher always had his guitar in hand, and when he wasn’t playing music for us we would be watching Telefrancais! There was also a puppet the teacher always had, it was bald and had a red shirt. To be honest probably the only time I ever liked learning French, lol.
  4. This could be one of my foggy memories, but our library was huge and we always got to watch a movie/show in there as a class.
  5. I remember for music class we got to learn how to play the keyboard and the recorder. Fun times… especially hot cross buns. Who doesn’t know that song? I sucked at Mary had a little lamb. I’m pretty sure it was also music class that we got to try some line dancing.
  6. For one of my classes I learned how to make a kite which was really fun and another class we learned how to make ice sculptures.
  7. We had a snack shack and it always had chips, fruit-tella, frozen pyramid like shaped treat (cannot remember the brand we had) and freezies.
  8. Jump-rope for heart was one of my favourite events at the school. One time I won a snow white hard cover book and not only did it have the story, but it had some of the art work and how the book and movie was created (I’m convinced I still have this book somewhere). I also won a stuffed green dog, which I still have kicking around somewhere.
  9. Play Day was always amazing and well planned out.
  10. The field at the school sometimes would freeze over in the winter and we would all just slide and skate around it.
  11. My grade 3 teacher always allowed us to have extra gym time whenever the class was well behaved.
  12. There was a rope tire swing in the playground and kids would take turns going “around the world”, honestly the most sickest I ever felt spinning around on anything, I remember getting off and couldn’t walk straight, hit the ground and puked. Not fun. But nevertheless a memory. Till this day, I still get motion sickness when I go on rides that involves too much spinning.
  13. Our lunch supervising guardian (not sure what to name her title) but she always had candies when she was watching us all during her duty in the park during lunch and recesses. And especially closer to holidays like valentines day it was always themed candy.
  14. We had a pretty wicked haunted house (now that I actually think about it now), but back then after attempting to walk through it I became too much of a chicken shit and ended up just sitting in the corner colouring (there was a colouring corner where you can colour Halloween themed pictures if you didn’t want to go into the haunted house section).

I would’ve loved to graduate grade 8 there, but sadly because the school was too small they had closed Our Lady of the Airways plus a few other schools in Malton because there was just not enough students going there. So I started grade 6 in a different school. I guess if it wasn’t for me going to another school, I wouldn’t have the experiences I’ve had there also, I have had some pretty amazing teachers at the new school and some what made friends too.

Eventually OLOA turned into a private school (possibly?). I just remember walking through the property one day to see what has become of the school and I remember a bunch of kids in uniforms.

Stay tuned for next weeks Wild Wednesday to hear what the school looked like before it got torn down.


Tea Talk Tuesday #4

Today I am having Frosted Cereal Fruit infusion tea. This is my second mug today of the same tea, it’s honestly really yummy.

Ingredients: apple, carrots, bean peels, gluten free oats, marshmallows, coconut, gluten free cornflakes, raisins, goji berries, quinoa, vanilla, stevia extract, natural vanilla and cream flavouring.

This tea was purchased from David’s Tea, it already tastes a bit on the sweet side on its own so I can drink it black.

Todays tea talk discussion is going to be more based on how it feels like to be a Woman these days. Being a Woman is honestly not a terrible thing, but here are the hard parts of Woman-hood.

  1. We cannot walk around outside alone without getting some sort of unwanted attention from guys. And even when you clearly show you don’t want the attention, people still give it to you. Example: the other day all I was doing was pulling stuff out of my thermal since I was dropping my friend off I needed to give her her things. Some guy was driving past me and felt it was necessary to say “nice ass” and wink. To be honest… I don’t like these kinds of comments, just simply drive past me and just don’t say anything to me. We’re also told to carry pepper spray around with us OR to purposely avoid certain areas OR buddy up when we’re walking. If this doesn’t tell you how unsafe it is to be a Woman, then I don’t know what will.
  2. Pink tax. I’m happy that Canada no longer charges taxes on pads. But the price of birth control pills, pads, pregnancy tests, Women’s hygiene products and clothes are so much more expensive in comparison to items guys can get.
  3. We are more likely getting taken advantage of when it comes to car maintenance. If we go in for one service, magically they find so many other problems that weren’t there before. OR if both genders went in for the same maintenance, the Woman has to pay more to get the same job done.
  4. Sometimes we can’t speak up for how we feel or if we get too angry it must be our “PMS” talking.
  5. Till this day Women are expected to do more work than a man does, and still gets paid less.
  6. Older Women generations are still trying to raise their kids OR give remarks to Women from younger generations to show that the Woman is expected to do all the house work. I’m also constantly told that they don’t know how I’ll be able to manage having kids in the future because I find it difficult to already balance work, cooking, working out and cleaning.

These are only a few things, and there are still so much more that are not being talked about. You’d think in 2021 Women would be more respected and be treated more as equals. But, unfortunately… that is not the case.

As a Woman, have you ever come across a time where you felt that something was unfair? Have you ever felt that you were treated differently just because you were a female?


Motivational Monday #4

I don’t know who else needs to read this quote…

But I know it’s definitely something I need to work on.

Usually I’m a night owl, I can probably stay up till 2:30-3am catching up on things. But then I NEVER get enough sleep, and it just becomes one big vicious cycle.

I’ve been trying to motivate myself to go to sleep earlier, and wake up earlier.. this way I can be more productive and feel more energized in the morning. It’s a big work in progress and there is way too much room for improvements. But, I will get there, and I know you will too.


Self Care Sunday #3

We need to constantly remind ourselves that we need to take care of ourselves. We are a priority and should never take ourselves for granted.

Here are my top 10 things that helps me reset and feel better.

1) Listening to music: This is even better when you can let loose and dance or sing a bit. Sing from the top of your lungs, dance like no one is watching you. Just be wild for a bit.

2) Reading a book: Just the small escape from reality helps. It stops you from thinking too much about current problems and it allows you to keep the imagination flowing.

3) Working out/walking: I’ve noticed ever since I’ve been exercising more it has made me more physically healthier and overall a little happier. Sweat it out, it gives you that sense of relief and you put all that built up negative energy into something that would overall benefit you. Even just a simple walk and surround yourself with nature.

4) Writing: In this case, blogging has made me happier. You can keep a journal and just write all your emotions out. Have a jar of all the things that made you feel accomplished throughout the year. Keep a gratitude journal. Maybe be a little more creative and write poetry or a novel.

5) Hugs: Just overall hug a friend, a family member, your spouse, a pet, a pillow. Anything. I know with COVID I’m sure we’ve all been a lot less affectionate, but we’re humans and affection is know to make people happier.

6) Cleaning/declutter: I’m actually surprised about this one. Lets face it.. who actually likes cleaning? I’m sure not many people do and its such a chore. But I don’t know about you.. but when things are organized and clean, I feel a huge sign of accomplishment and relief. Sometimes even just seeing things really disorganized is enough to make me feel stress.

7) Hobbies: For me its painting and diamond art. Sometimes I also like playing video games. We need to give us some sort of time to unwind.

8) Dates: Either it be a date with a significant other, a family member, a friend or even by yourself. Go do something you really want to do.

9) Skincare and physical health: I’m honestly terrible for not taking my supplements as often as I should; but when I do remember to take them… I feel great and energized. I also feel good about myself when I take the time to take care of my skin.. cleanse/moisturize/exfoliate/shave. Take care of your nails and give it a fresh coat of paint. Do a spa night. Eat good food. It’s all a part of making yourself feel good. Its okay to treat yourself to a greasy burger or slice of pizza… but don’t over do the bad comfort foods.. although it helps you feel mentally better (or so you think it is), it is doing more harm to your body than good.

10) Shows/movies: Honestly just sitting back and watching a movie or show you really want to is an amazing feeling too. Don’t depend the screens too often, but in moderation is good. Feel sad? Watch a comedy. Watch something that you know will make you feel happy.

Bonus: While doing 90% of the stuff above, I usually have some sort of drink in hand. Water, tea, hot chocolate, coffee or a glass of wine.


Silly Saturday #3

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday, here where I’m from it rained most of the day.

Here are my favourite meme’s for the week. My fellow bookworms will definitely enjoy these.

1000000000000% agree with this. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life.
Just one book almost never happens.


Fashion Friday #3 — Shein Haul #1

For the longest while Shein was always advertised on my Facebook and Instagram feed. Although I browsed through the advertisements I never really trusted it. Until more of my friends purchased from them.

It was maybe two months ago when I placed my first order.

It had taken approximately 1-2 weeks for me to get my order, which was faster than the estimated time frame. The fact I felt sketchy about ordering from the app did make it feel as if it was taking far much longer for the order to come in.

Here are the items I purchased in my first package:

I have only tried this sweater on once thus far, I ordered a large which is my actual size and it fits a little over sized. I definitely would not suggest sizing up.
I have worn this a few times around the house. Cannot wait to start wearing it outdoors, it has been too hot for it lately. Just like the sweater above it fits a bit over sized. i don’t recommend sizing up.
This dress I purchased in a size XL. It fits, but the make of it makes it cling to you. Although I do like it, I can’t see myself wearing it outside of the house anytime soon, as it really points out my flaws and insecurities. If you size up 1-2 sizes could probably work for maternity attire.
The pink top is in XL which fits a little loose, the red top is in L and fits me a little too snug. Works out fine since I’ve been trying to lose weight.
I ordered this in XL and fits me nicely. Feels so comfortable.
Purchased this in L and it fits me a little on the snug side. In the t-shirts I’d probably recommend sizing up.
Super cute hair clip and really comfortable to wear.
Out of the two hair clips, this one is my favourite. Super pretty and comfortable.

To be honest I normally don’t wear hair clips, a lot of the ones I used to have were way too tight and very hard to get it on without hurting my hand in the process. These are honestly very easy to use and I’m super happy about them.

These hair ties make it feel a little more on the retro side. But I honestly love them.

Overall the material of the products are all really nice, nothing was itchy or painful to wear. I’m the kind of person that cringes when a price tag of an item is on the hefty side… I mean, I can’t spend $50 on a pair of pants without feeling regret about it. Shein is also a good way to test items out to see what styles best suits you. If you go through a trial and error phase, you wont be throwing too much money out the window.

Overall for this order, I have spent a total of: $120.79 Canadian tax in. Which I think is a pretty good haul.

Have you ever tried Shein? Were you happy with the product?


TV Thursday #3 — A Simple Favor Movie Review


Release Date: September 14th 2018
Duration: 1hr and 57mins
Genre: Crime/Thriller/Mystery
Rated: R

It took me almost three years to watch this film, and when I finally decided to do it, I am glad I did. This movie is also based on a book that was only published a year prior (I am yet to read the book, I am hoping to add it to my Autumn reading list).

Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) a lonely single mother that runs a vlog about food, meets Emily (Blake Lively) one day after picking up her kid from school. The two kids had become friends and asked their moms if they can have a play date. That is when Stephanie tries to become best friends with Emily, they exchange secrets and conversations over a Gin Martini.

I honestly think that Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively did amazing on their rolls. The duo is what gave the movie the flow it got.

One day Emily calls Stephanie and asks her “friend” to for a little favor. That was to go over and watch her son. As time passes, Stephanie realizes that Emily may possibly be missing and eventually has been declared dead. But for a girl that is dead, things don’t quite add up. Why is her presence still so strong? How did she die if she really did die? Stephanie tries to put all the puzzle pieces together all while trying to keep herself sane, and getting herself caught up in her “dead friends” affairs.

I’m honestly surprised at how much bad reviews this film got, but, I guess to each their own? I truly did love every bit of this movie, and there was a lot that has happened that I would have honestly never would’ve guessed (I wont say what caught me off my guard, in case anyone is still yet to watch it).

Of course Emily (Blake Lively) would have a huge walk in closet with all these nice outfits and shoes… reminds me of Gossip Girl 😍.

I’m personally very behind on watching movies, so not sure how to compare it to other possible similar movies. It does really give me Gossip Girl featuring Pretty Little Liars vibes.

My Rating: *****