Holiday Baking ~ Christmas 2021 Edition!

One of my all time favourite things about the Holiday season is the amount of different things that we can bake to help get ourselves in the Holiday spirit. Not to mention I just love baking and also a complete foodie.

The top of this photo is Christmas Rice Crispy Balls. They turned out super yummy, and honestly, I find the homemade ones better as they don’t have as much sugar in them.

In the bottom of this photo is Elf sugar cookies, these were not made from scratch, but they were the Pillsbury Dough Boy cookies.

One of my Best Friends ended up coming over to do some Holiday Baking with me, she made 4 different recipes and I made three, the photos below you will see the three items I chose to bake. All thanks to Pinterest (I absolutely love that site!)

S’mores Bars! These turned out pretty good, I find they taste the best at room temperature or after being heated up in the microwave for 15 seconds.
Gingerbread Bars! I was honestly so happy with the cream cheese frosting, it tasted so delicious, the bars also taste amazing. Could be eaten cold, room temperature or heated.
Originally I was supposed to use Christmas sprinkles for the Gingerbread bars, however, the grocery stores I went to did not have any Christmas themed sprinkles.
Oreo Balls! Originally half was supposed to be coated with milk chocolate, and the other half was supposed to be white chocolate. I had a chocolate melting malfunction and they did not turn out how they were supposed to, nevertheless, the actual Oreo Balls tasted great, almost like Oreo Cheese cake! They tasted good even without the chocolate coating, but, the chocolate coating does make it look nicer.

Cannot wait to share other baking plans I have for next year!


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