Tea Talk Tuesday #4

Today I am having Frosted Cereal Fruit infusion tea. This is my second mug today of the same tea, it’s honestly really yummy.

Ingredients: apple, carrots, bean peels, gluten free oats, marshmallows, coconut, gluten free cornflakes, raisins, goji berries, quinoa, vanilla, stevia extract, natural vanilla and cream flavouring.

This tea was purchased from David’s Tea, it already tastes a bit on the sweet side on its own so I can drink it black.

Todays tea talk discussion is going to be more based on how it feels like to be a Woman these days. Being a Woman is honestly not a terrible thing, but here are the hard parts of Woman-hood.

  1. We cannot walk around outside alone without getting some sort of unwanted attention from guys. And even when you clearly show you don’t want the attention, people still give it to you. Example: the other day all I was doing was pulling stuff out of my thermal since I was dropping my friend off I needed to give her her things. Some guy was driving past me and felt it was necessary to say “nice ass” and wink. To be honest… I don’t like these kinds of comments, just simply drive past me and just don’t say anything to me. We’re also told to carry pepper spray around with us OR to purposely avoid certain areas OR buddy up when we’re walking. If this doesn’t tell you how unsafe it is to be a Woman, then I don’t know what will.
  2. Pink tax. I’m happy that Canada no longer charges taxes on pads. But the price of birth control pills, pads, pregnancy tests, Women’s hygiene products and clothes are so much more expensive in comparison to items guys can get.
  3. We are more likely getting taken advantage of when it comes to car maintenance. If we go in for one service, magically they find so many other problems that weren’t there before. OR if both genders went in for the same maintenance, the Woman has to pay more to get the same job done.
  4. Sometimes we can’t speak up for how we feel or if we get too angry it must be our “PMS” talking.
  5. Till this day Women are expected to do more work than a man does, and still gets paid less.
  6. Older Women generations are still trying to raise their kids OR give remarks to Women from younger generations to show that the Woman is expected to do all the house work. I’m also constantly told that they don’t know how I’ll be able to manage having kids in the future because I find it difficult to already balance work, cooking, working out and cleaning.

These are only a few things, and there are still so much more that are not being talked about. You’d think in 2021 Women would be more respected and be treated more as equals. But, unfortunately… that is not the case.

As a Woman, have you ever come across a time where you felt that something was unfair? Have you ever felt that you were treated differently just because you were a female?


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