Self Care Sunday #2

Today was National Ice Cream Day! Although, I did not get to eat ice cream myself, I did take a few sips from my Fiancé’s chocolate chip cookie milkshake from McDonalds.. and it was honestly yummy.

I didn’t do a whole lot today in terms of self care.. but a little bit is better than nothing. On this list alone, I did my best at keeping myself hydrated and I went outside into nature (played some Pokemon GO to be exact 😅).

But while we’re on the topic of ice cream….

Here are my favourite flavours: Oreo (cookies & cream), matcha, pistachio, and heavenly hash!

For me personally… I cannot consume a lot of ice cream due to me being lactose intolerant. But I will give in from time to time if I have a big craving for it, OR if I just need some cheering up.

When you get ice cream, what is your to go to?


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